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There is no denying that what's good for the planet is also good for the bottom line of any company.


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Pustanan Printers oxo-biodegradable plastics
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Plastic is a fundamental part of our busy lives.
Not many people know that plastic is made from a by-product of oil which used to be wasted and it...


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PUSTANAN PRINTERS started in 1999 and was originally registered with the Bureau of Domestic Trade on August 04, 1999 as a full line Producer, Manufacturer and Printer of T-Shirt (Sando or Vest) Bags – Notion Bags – Counter Bags – Take out Bags, Bags on Roll etc…….use in various businesses mainly in the food and retail industry. Its office and plant is located at P.L. Sanchez St., Riverside Canduman, Mandaue City with telephone nos. 3448061-3448062

During the last nine years, through equipment acquisitions and new technologies we have grown to fill in the growing demand of our existing customers who conform to the Just-In-Time inventory system.

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Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags in the Philippines. Pustanan Printers is now Going Green by manufacturing plastics and bags that are environmentally safe, human safe, animal-safe, plant-safe, and ecology safe. We only have one Earth to live on, and we intend to keep it safe for our future generations.

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